who we are

Concept Factory is a collaboration hub for visual storytellers and a community of like-minded creatives united to change the entertainment industry through the power of collaboration! 

We create spaces for visual storytellers to find their tribes, create content, and advance their industry careers.

It's why we exist.

it's about you!

Whether it's a networking event, or coming together at our creative conference Collab Hub, we understand the value and power of creatives coming together as one. Ideas happen, relationships spark, opportunities are birthed! 

Concept Factory creates the spaces and accessible platforms visual storytellers need to create content in a community of like-minded storytellers while gaining industry training, exposure, and educational content.

Concept Factory will offer memberships and engage visual storytellers throughout local cities across the nation. Our vision is to provide our Collaboration Spaces and permanent campuses in both Atlanta and cities where creatives need a place to create in a member-based incubator or "concept factory."


Outside of physical buildings, our members and local creatives will build their tribes through our Community Groups.

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Our mission is

To foster and create a collaborative and resourceful environment for visual storytellers that promotes creativity, community, professional development, and industry connections.

Our vision is

To become the largest collaboration hub and incubator space for visual storytellers while being a major developer of media productions, content, and scripts. We envision serving as the bridge for independent artists to reach industry opportunities, thus creating their own success.

Our Ethos

We are about loving people. We aim to live out the heart of Christ by sharing his love with our staff, our members, and our third parties. We ultimately exist to serve and benefit others.



High quality, good design, and full effort in everything we do and put out.​


Consistent implementation of new ideas and practices to promote growth.


A call to always include others in our activities by promoting a culture of care.


A call of responsibility and belongingness.


A way we view those around us, regardless of skin color. Bonds deeper than friendships.